Our Solid Experience

In the ever changing steel industry,we as suppliers now take a more integral part in providing services that will ultimately improve our client’s productivity and turnaround time. At Lynn-Hudd Steel, we take pride in a service record of over 50 years of keeping in touch with changes and developments that will dictate the future of our industry. Our success has been built on hard work, honesty and a commitment of providing the best product and service possible.

Hudd Steel was founded in 1961 primarily as a distributor of sheet steel in sheared sizes. In 1975, Lynn Steel brought a new dimension to our business by enabling us to supply slit coil to our customers. Lynn-Hudd Steel is headquartered in a 40,000 square foot facility in South Plainfield, NJ.

Meeting the Q.C. Challenge

Quality Control starts at Lynn-Hudd Steel well before any coils are unloaded. Checks are also done on size, gauge, and surfaces at many phases of production. The first check is done before the coil gets unloaded from the truck. From that point on, consecutive checks are done when the coil gets loaded onto the turnstile, just before cutting, during cutting, and finally when the job is completed.